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As Kismet Would Have It

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It’s strange how excited I was to find that there is a sequel short story for a book that I ended up being disappointed by. I read When Dimple Met Rishi two years ago and wanted so badly to love it, I really did. I fell head over heels for the titular characters in the first half of the novel, especially Rishi who I found dreamy and total date material. Despite my mixed feelings, I’ve been wanting to give Menon another shot, and I wanted more Dimple and Rishi!

“How was she, a nineteen-year-old, supposed to know what Dimple Shah the thirty-five-year-old might want?”

The story returns to Dimple and Rishi, one year into their relationship and still very much in love despite their drastically different worldviews and personalities. Their romance becomes rocky as the subject of marriage comes between them. Rishi, the hopelessly romantic sweetheart, wants to have a dream wedding and marry the love of his dreams. Sensible and smart Dimple on the other hand, finds herself hesitating under the pressure. She understands the ways that marriage has traditionally not worked in the favor of women. Both characters have valid points about why they are ready or not ready for making so great a commitment.

It was so heartwarming finding how much I related to both of the main characters, as someone that both dreams of marriage maybe and running into partners that put intense pressure to marry long before I was ready (this has happened to me twice). I enjoyed the discourse about marriage and the role that it plays in relationships a great deal and how both characters stayed very true to who they were in the first book. Both are individuals with their own feelings and desires while still maintaining their love and respect for the other person.

“Sometimes we can’t see the answer when we’re so close to the page. But usually things do become clearer with time. Maybe Dimple just needs time.”

I’m glad that I decided to take a chance on this little novella. It gives readers that little bit of “after happily ever after” that is missing from many romance stories. Relationships are difficult and always come with compromise. This story had great commentary that deserve to be discussed and would be an illuminating for younger readers considering that next step in their relationships. This novella also serves as a companion to the next book in the series, There’s Something About Sweetie, for fans of Menon’s work.


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