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Bird Box

Warnings: Violence, Gore, Animal Death, Suicide

My Thoughts

There are very few books that I would consider hard to forget, but even years after I read Bird Box, I remember how much this book chilled me. With a world gone blind after a mysterious evil appears and drives humanity insane, the premise of this novel stands out. The absence of sight means that every sound or brush felt by the character immediately creates a tense atmosphere, Bird Box comes to life by using a horror writer’s best tool: the imagination of the reader.

The story goes back and forth between the present-day, Malorie taking the children down the river, and going back four years to the start of the apocalypse and the events that took place in a safe house with other survivors. The story starts off strong, but unfortunately became a bit of a letdown, it was a combination of several little things that made the overall experience shaky. Characters do little to protect themselves outside of putting blankets on windows, unusual considering the rampant violence and fear of the “creatures” getting inside the house. Characters take measures to ensure nothing gets in, but windows somehow were completely overlooked.

I could forgive these things for the sake of the story, but it was the final scene that did it for me, where I just went, “No way. This is too much. Things just don’t happen that way.” Everything just seemed too convenient, obviously set up for an exciting climax that to me was just too over the top. I only ended up feeling okay about the story when I finished. Despite that, I still think about this story once in a while, it has a way of sticking with you despite the flaws.

“How can she expect her children to dream as big as the stars if they can’t lift their heads to gaze upon them?”


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