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Graphic Novel Review

In Real Life

My Thoughts Anda is an average teenager, a geek girl that plays and develops games. After stepping into her first MMORPG she quickly makes friends with another lady gamer and starts to take on jobs that have them griefing gold farmers in exchange for real-world cash. Things change when Anda befriends one of these poor …

Graphic Novel Review


My Thoughts My this is one of the most magical graphic novels I’ve read perhaps ever. Watersnakes is a dark fantasy about a lonely girl that meets and falls for a mysterious girl named Agnes. The two share in mischief and it isn’t long before Mila finds out that there is something strange about Agnes. …

Graphic Novel Review

Adulthood Is a Myth

My Thoughts I imagine a lot of people are at least vaguely familiar with Sarah’s Scribbles, a webcomic that originated on Tumblr but later spread to other social media platforms. I don’t even read webcomics all that often but I’ve seen a handful of these comic strips pop up on my feed occasionally and they’ve …