Graphic Novel Review


CrushingTitle: Crushing
Author: Sophie Burrows
Publisher: David Fickling Books
First Published: January 11, 2022
Pages: 160
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library
Rating: ★★★★


Life is full of connections – if you know how to make them. Crushing follows two people -- one determined and a bit awkward, the other unsure where to begin -- longing to find out where they belong. Their intersecting and overlapping journeys reveal hidden connections and the unpredictable and unexpected ways we may find each other.  

Achingly beautiful, quietly defiant, and full of subtle wit and wisdom, Crushing is a story told in silence; a story without words but bursting with life and color.  

This stunning debut graphic novel from Sophie Burrows is a timely look at life in an age of distance and a story of love and understanding -- a perfect book to read and to share.

My Review:

Crushing is such a lovely graphic novel, a short and sweet story that cured my dour mood. The story revolves around two youths living in a bustling city, both are terribly lonely despite all of the noise and people around them. Both characters struggle to keep their chins up and search earnestly for companionship, which felt so hopeful.

I greatly enjoyed the simplicity of this little graphic novel. It features a soft, minimalist art style lit up with warm reds against the drab blues and greys. So much is conveyed about the characters without a single line of dialogue, a great feat on the part of the author. Despite the focus on loneliness the story manages to be charming and sincere, accurately depicting both the beauty and the monotony of adult life.

Crushing is all about yearning, chance encounters, missed opportunities, and remaining positive despite the inconveniences they encounter. The pressure of living in a larger city, and the overwhelming feeling of loneliness even when surrounded by people was relatable and the story is told with sensitivity.

This wholesome little story made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside as I quietly rooted for the main characters. It was a joy to read and an easy recommendation.

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