Romantic Suspense Book Review

Dangerous Behavior

My Review:

I didn’t know that this book was a romantic suspense novel when I picked it up and I was surprised when I was flooded with so much romance. It is my first experience with the genre and I’m honestly not sure if I care for it. While the romance can be great, I found it distracting and kind of eye-roll worthy in this particular story.

Sam and Jules were high school sweethearts, but after a betrayal, they break up and Jules marries Sam’s brother. After tragedy strikes, Jules can’t remember anything about the love for the husband that was there for her and spends all of her time thinking about all the great sex she had with Sam when they were younger. Cringey and disrespectful, I groaned so much and honestly struggled to care for either of the main characters and it decreased my enjoyment.

Thank goodness for the second half of this book, when the mystery really started to come together. The thrill killers were an interesting pair that brings to mind several real-life serial killer couples. It was a confusing twist on an otherwise average murder mystery and at first, I had been wondering why they were even in the story at all. As I dug deeper into the story, however, things pulled together nicely and I actually found these characters to be pretty interesting.

This was the part of the book that was actually good, and the ending alone convinced me to push my rating just a little bit higher. It was worth slogging through the romance to get to the good stuff. While I found certain parts predictable and had figured out the dastardly duo immediately when they were introduced I still enjoyed unraveling the mystery and finding a few surprises along the way.

“All he could think about was her dove gray eyes, her ironic smile, the feel of her silky skin…”

Trigger Warning: Violence, Sex

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