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HideoutTitle: Hideout
Author: Masasumi Kakizaki
Publisher: Shogakukan
First Published: November 30, 2010
Pages: 215
Genres: Horror, Psychological, Seinen
Format: Web
Source: Web
Rating: ★★★★½


On a supposedly idyllic vacation island, Seichi Kirishima and his wife Miki Kirishima are pinned down by a heavy rain somewhere in the island's interior. But this does not deter Seichi, it determined him, his decision is clear: Tonight, he will kill his wife.

Just a year ago, he was a happy man - an aspiring writer, a contented husband, and a father of a young boy... at that time, everything was going well for him. But such happiness came to end. The day his editor put an end to their collaboration, darkness seeped into his life faster than a bullet. A terrifying descent into hell commences, page by page of what it seems to be his last novel...

My Review:

Sometimes you run into those manga that is worth reading for the art alone, even if the story is not the strongest. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I picked up Hideout but boy was I happy that I finally read it and I ask myself sometimes why I waited so long to do so. Kakizaki’s art is incredible with gorgeous inking and shading. There were so many times that I had to slow down and admire the extreme detail of a panel, the art was breathtaking.
It was at this precise moment that the very little hesitation that I had left shattered into tiny little pieces.
Hideout is a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish, tensions are kept high from chapter to chapter, amping up as the grim reality of the main character’s situation becomes apparent. There are barely any likable characters in this story, and I was just fine with it, the feel of this novel is gritty and suffocatingly dark. It is a heartbreaking story of a grieving father and the monstrous people around him.

It is a pretty standard revenge story showcasing the downfall of a man with unflinching brutality. It’s a chilling piece of horror manga with pages full of blood and violence. This manga is not for the faint of heart, but it can probably be appreciated by horror aficionados looking for a quick thriller. Those creepy eyes stayed with me even after I finished reading, it was just all-around good.

Trigger Warning: Gore, Extreme Violence, Death, Child Death, Graphic Sex

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