Author: Shindo L
Publisher: FAKKU
First Published: March 1, 2017
Genres: Hentai
Pages: 244
Format: Webpage
Source: Read Online


Saki Yoshida used to be your stereotypical unassuming youth. And she knew that! So when she had an opportunity to change her appearance and her personality she jumped on the chance. A little makeover and a willingness to try new things would immediately pay dividends in her life, and felt as if her future was suddenly brighter. Unfortunately, life would come a little too fast for Saki. Romance, home life, school life, money... These were issues she was not quite prepared to take on all at once. But now that her life has changed, there is no stopping progress - whether it is for the better or the worse.

My Thoughts

Metamorphosis is one of the most notorious hentai manga out there and for a while it seems like everyone was talking about it, and for good reason. Otherwise known as Henshin, Emergence, and 177013, the story is about a nerdy young girl’s high school debut going horribly, terribly wrong, and that’s a generous way to put it. It is the classic story of the messy path to adulthood in a vile, modern society and it is told in an oppressive grimdark style.

“I suddenly realized how much I had grown to hate myself.”

Saki is a naive young girl that just wants to fit in, and finds herself drawn into a world of drugs, sex addiction, and prostitution. Saki’s loss of innocence at the hands of the people around her causes her to lose her identity and she descends gradually to the darkest places imaginable. She falls further and further into a life that she doesn’t want as she loses the support of the people around her. At it’s core, Metamorphosis tackles the tragedy of vulnerable people suffering from abuse or addiction that fall between the cracks.

Now this story is still a hentai, and so naturally it has it’s limits and the amount of graphic content is going to be excessive. I’ve seen a few people describe the story as realistic and taken as a whole it’s far from it. It takes a certain suspension of belief for one to assume that an individual at every step will make self-destructive choices, whether or not it is out of desperation or a genuine self loathing. Not to mention, literally every other person in this story is despicable and one abuse after the next is layered on with every interaction that she has with others. Despite that, there is value to the horrors that Saki experiences because there are pieces that ring true to actual victims of abuse.

I think it’s interesting that the author made note that when choosing the official English title for this manga, Metamorphosis was selected because the author was inspired by Kafka. The same Kafka that is the author of the existentialist classic, The Metamorphosis. The similarities between the two pieces of fiction about the downfall of man and the tragedy of life without empathy is apparent. How quickly a person can go from being a regular member of society to becoming a reviled burden of that same society is a common theme.

“You were the seed of my rebirth.”

Do I recommend this manga to anyone? Absolutely not, especially for those that are faint of heart. While not the most graphic piece of literature I’ve ever read by any stretch of the imagination it’s up there, and it’s very hard to swallow. Was it an intelligent hentai manga with a purpose albeit a lot of problems, yes, and I can appreciate it for its merits. It is a story that asks the reader about the value of empathy, and reminds us that even those that are suffering and at the lowest of the low are still human, which is the most important takeaway from this story.

Warnings: Severe abuse, rape, bullying, and death

Let’s Discuss!

  • Have you heard about this notorious manga, and why do you think that it became so well known?
  • Can hentai be a suitable medium for serious discussion?
  • Do you think that hope is necessary, or can oppressively dark stories be used as cautionary tales?

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