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Book Review

Heart of Mist

My Thoughts The plot has a lot of familiar fantasy elements: a heroine with unknown powers, a medieval high fantasy setting with kings and knights, political rivalries, forbidden magic, class tension, corrupt royalty, and rampant abuse towards women. As the story unfolds Heart of Mist adds some refreshing twists to the classic hero’s journey. The …

Book Review

The Terracotta Bride

My Thoughts The Terracotta Bride was a surprising little novella, it had a lot going for it for such a small package and can easily be read in one sitting. It was imaginative and gave me a lot to think about, I’ve never read anything like it and I honestly wish that it could have …

Book Review

A Parent’s Guide to Video Games

My Thoughts A Parent’s Guide to Video Games provides a simple guide about video games and the countless studies surrounding gaming and its social and cultural influences. The book covers a number of controversial topics that are common concerns for parents unfamiliar with video games. Included are topics such as the effects that gaming has …