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Manga Review

In Clothes Called Fat

Also by this author: Happy Mania, Sugar Sugar Rune, Sakuran My Thoughts Noko is a binge-eater, she suffers from major depression due to crippling insecurity issues and the stress of being bullied at work. To cope with her depressive episodes she eats and eats and continues to eat until she can forget everything. As Noko’s …

Manga Review

A Girl on the Shore

Also by this author: Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction, Nijigahara Holograph, Solanin My Thoughts A Girl on the Shore is a manga that I didn’t know that I needed. It’s the story about two youths, both with entirely different struggles, who end up becoming friends with benefits. This isn’t a love story by any means, …

Manga Review

Dissolving Classroom

Also by this author: Shiver, Smashed, The Art of Junji Ito: Twisted Visions My Thoughts Dissolving Classroom is the story of a pair of siblings that bring misfortune to every person that they meet. Chizumi is a disturbed child that enjoys harassing people and her older brother Yuuma follows behind, abasing himself apologizing for his …