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Book Review

The Lodge

My Thoughts I need to preface this review by stating that from looking at the cover and reading the blurb, that I had expected this to be a spooky supernatural thriller with a serious tone. What the book delivered was far from that: campy Christmas horror and vengeful furniture. The set-up was pretty good, a …

Book Review

The Body Will Follow

My Thoughts Ghostly possession is one of those genres in horror that I feel doesn’t get enough appreciation compared to other more glamorous monsters and supernatural beings. The Body Will Follow showcases the horror of being possessed, and how a person’s carefully constructed life can be ripped to shreds in a short amount of time. …

Manga Review


Also by this author: Gyo, Shiver, Venus in the Blind Spot My Thoughts Remina has always been one of Ito’s most underrated gems, a classic example of science fiction and cosmic horror wrapped up in one wonderful little volume. After the discovery of a new planet that appeared out of a wormhole, humanity is initially …