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Book Review

The Wendigo

My Thoughts Wendigos are some of the most terrifying specters of Algonquin folklore, a malevolent spirit that is often associated with winter, starvation, cannibalism, and death. The Wendigo reads like a campfire ghost story told around hunting circles about the unexplainable phenomena that can only be experienced in the farthest reaches from civilization. “Men were …

Book Review

The Yellow Wallpaper

My Thoughts The Yellow Wallpaper is a classic short story about a woman suffering from postpartum depression. This story says more than most books in such a short amount of pages and it is a powerful cautionary tale of the dangers of postpartum depression and female oppression. “If a physician of high standing, and one’s …

Book Review

Goblin Market

My Thoughts My goodness, what a beautiful and surprising poem this is. The Goblin Market is a classic poem filled to the brim with enchanting rhymes and fairytale-like imagery. It tells the story of a pair of sisters as they encounter goblin men selling fruit. The story is a clear allegory about temptation and has …