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Book Review

Heart of Mist

My Thoughts The plot has a lot of familiar fantasy elements: a heroine with unknown powers, a medieval high fantasy setting with kings and knights, political rivalries, forbidden magic, class tension, corrupt royalty, and rampant abuse towards women. As the story unfolds Heart of Mist adds some refreshing twists to the classic hero’s journey. The …

Book Review

The Monsters Within

My Thoughts The Monsters Within follows the Holloway family, who have recently moved into a new house. The family is troubled and is carrying emotional baggage along with them. The reader is plunged directly into the conflict, with one member of the family ready to move on while the rest seem to be hanging onto …

Book Review

Secrets of a Broken Heart

My Thoughts Secrets of a Broken Heart is a debut poetry collection that covers a couple of different topics: feelings of sadness and heartbreak after a breakup, the excitement of new love, or the anxiety of writing and creating art. It is a wide collection that follows a similar free verse style that has become …