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Book Review

Lady Bits

My Thoughts I love a good horror collection, and I especially love ones that dip into southern gothic fiction. Lady Bits is a strong collection, full of stories about wandering tramps, devious children, eerie folklore, and dangerous women. The stories are dark, gritty, and incredibly atmospheric, every story was a surprise for me and I …

Book Review

Things We Lost in the Fire

My Thoughts The atmosphere created in many of these stories was nothing short of haunting, everything seems normal in the beginning, but then you notice some things that are a little off, a little dark. Things We Lost in the Fire was a journey into the surreal. The stories are set in modern-day Argentina with …

Book Review

The Lottery and Other Stories

My Thoughts If there is one story that Shirley Jackson is most famous for it is The Lottery, which has been heavily studied, picked apart, and caused so much notoriety that it has completely overshadowed Jackson’s other short stories. It’s a shame really because the collected works in this book are simply brilliant, there wasn’t …