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Book Review

The Readymade Thief

My Thoughts Well, this book is certainly interesting, so much so that I still don’t fully know what to make of it. The Readymade Thief is a love letter to Marcel Duchamp, a French-American artist that became famous in the early twentieth century for his influence on conceptual art. He is most famous for his …

Graphic Novel Review


My Thoughts Speak is a young adult novel written in 1999 about the rape and subsequent bullying of a high school freshman. The novel is based partially on the author’s personal experiences and has received international praise. The book has won multiple awards and is on the ALA’s list of 100 most challenged books from …

Book Review

An Enchantment of Ravens

My Thoughts I won’t lie, I’m a sucker for beautiful covers and the cover for this book is easily one of my all-time favorites. The world-building in this book is pretty great, filled to the brim with fantastic imagery and seasonal-based nature magic. I also really loved that this book was heavily focused on the …