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Book Review

The Wendigo

My Thoughts Wendigos are some of the most terrifying specters of Algonquin folklore, a malevolent spirit that is often associated with winter, starvation, cannibalism, and death. The Wendigo reads like a campfire ghost story told around hunting circles about the unexplainable phenomena that can only be experienced in the farthest reaches from civilization. “Men were …

Book Review

Hearts in the Hard Ground

My Thoughts I love gothic horror—the haunted houses, the ghosts, the romance in a macabre setting. An old house is not complete without a proper haunting, and there are plenty of ghosts to keep the lonely narrator company. Fiona is grieving the loss of her mother and struggling with the guilt of not doing enough …

Book Review

Goblin Market

My Thoughts My goodness, what a beautiful and surprising poem this is. The Goblin Market is a classic poem filled to the brim with enchanting rhymes and fairytale-like imagery. It tells the story of a pair of sisters as they encounter goblin men selling fruit. The story is a clear allegory about temptation and has …