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Book Review

Thirteen Reasons Why

My Thoughts This is a difficult story to unpack and process. The book tackles suicide and a number of other incredibly heavy themes that are not easy to approach and talk about even though they are topics that do need to be talked about, and badly. The story is paced like a suspense novel and …

Graphic Novel Review


My Thoughts Speak is a young adult novel written in 1999 about the rape and subsequent bullying of a high school freshman. The novel is based partially on the author’s personal experiences and has received international praise. The book has won multiple awards and is on the ALA’s list of 100 most challenged books from …

Book Review

Girls Like Me

My Thoughts Girls Like Me is a startling novel about rape and slut-shaming in high school. The pacing of this book moves like a runaway train and never slows down at any point, it is a very easy book to read in a single sitting. The book is aimed at younger readers and uses simple …