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Book Review

Summer Frost

My Thoughts I slept on this novella and I am sorry for it because Summer Frost is the best story in the entire Forward Collection. I always really enjoy stories about artificial intelligence and robots, it is one of those topics in science fiction that veers into a dangerous uncanny valley once the question of …

Graphic Novel Review

In Real Life

My Thoughts Anda is an average teenager, a geek girl that plays and develops games. After stepping into her first MMORPG she quickly makes friends with another lady gamer and starts to take on jobs that have them griefing gold farmers in exchange for real-world cash. Things change when Anda befriends one of these poor …

Book Review

A Parent’s Guide to Video Games

My Thoughts A Parent’s Guide to Video Games provides a simple guide about video games and the countless studies surrounding gaming and its social and cultural influences. The book covers a number of controversial topics that are common concerns for parents unfamiliar with video games. Included are topics such as the effects that gaming has …