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These Deathless Bones

These Deathless BonesThese Deathless Bones
Author: Cassandra Khaw
Publisher: Tor Books
First Published: July 26, 2017
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal
Pages: 19
Format: Webpage


A horror tale about the Witch Bride, second wife of a King, and the discord between her and her young stepson.

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My Thoughts

Straight to the point and packs a punch, These Deathless Bones is a strong short story that unravels the evil stepmother trope from fairytale fiction. The Witch Bride is a vengeful femme fatale, the second wife of a king, a fearsome witch that scares the common people. She finds herself at odds with her stepson, a petulant prince more capable of evil than the mythologized witch.

“Every child, after all, is guilty of some thoughtless savagery, even if this one was more vicious than most, more dangerous.”

Khaw is a talented wordsmith and her prose is tight and razor-sharp. The story and setting are gloriously grimdark, and the Witch Bride is an interesting character that I would love to read more stories about. An unabashedly satisfying read.

Warnings: animal abuse and death, child death, gore

About Cassandra Khaw

Zoe Khaw Joo Ee, commonly known as Cassandra Khaw, is a Malaysian horror and science fiction writer. She also creates video games and tabletop games, and formerly wrote about them as a games and tech journalist.


I’m a Filipino American blogger, historian, and lazy writer. I enjoy books, video games, anime/manga, and smoking hookah.

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